Aug 12, 2009

Clickipedia Count

In the spirit of this blog post, I'll now go clicking through Wikipedia, using the Random feature until I find a subject that interests me moderately, and then one which interests me a great deal. Let's count...

1. Skag (disambiguation)
2. Bluemont, Virginia
3. Simon Tanner
4. The Great Depression (book)
5. List of Lakes in South Africa
6. Piet Ooms
7. Jacaré River (Rio das Cinzas)
8. Pope Adrian V

After 8 clicks, we have our first mildly interesting page: Pope Adrian V, a seemingly totally unremarkable pope except for having the name of a little brother of a friend of mine.

Moving on:

9. Colman nepos Cracavist
10. Komanovo Municipality
11. Wrapping
12. The Tracking Satyrs
13. The Man Who Could Work Miracles

Lucky 13 - we have finally found a truly interesting page. The Man Who Could Work Miracles is a 1936 fantasy-comedy involving superpowers and the use of them, in the vein of Bruce Almighty.

I'm now gonna stop writing links, and start counting - we're going in for a long haul: We're gonna find one of my heartland interests in this manner!

*clickclickclickclick etc. etc.*

After 56 clicks, I found myself on the page of the Khwarezmian language. Hmmm, interesting... never heard of it before. An extinct language, killed by Islam, with a half-finished dictionary orphaned at the writer's death.

We're gonna go on.


D&D. Yes, click #58 took me to a D&D page - the first on here I might actually have searched out myself - Mimic (Dungeons & Dragons).

And, thus, our journey is over.

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